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Low Environmental Impact

Hydraulic Rod Pumps, International.

Low Profile - Reduce or eliminate visible equipment.

HRP Power Units and Hydraulic Cylinders have no external moving parts. Compared to Beam Units, our equipment is inherently safe and suitable for installation in wildlife, recreational and residential areas. We do however, highly recommend fences and enclosures for safe working practices and to mitigate environmental impact (sight, sound, exposure, etc.).

A hydraulic rod pump stationed next to a residential neighborhood.

Residential Hydraulic Rod Pumps

Pumping unit and well located in a residential neighborhood. A small soundproof enclosure was added, and fence constructed. Although the fence is relatively short (6 feet) and without a roof, there is little concern of injury to wildlife or inquisitive people due to the semi-sealed hydraulic system.

A history of this location can be found here.

A Los Angeles SPE presentation on converting an existing field for housing, utilizing our equipment, can be found here.

Oil Fields In High Profile Places

An overhead view of rod pumps on a country club golf course.

Rod Pumps on a Country Club Golf Course

This oil field is located next to hole #1 on one of Beverly Hills' most exclusive country club and golf courses.

There are 16 Hydraulic Rod Pumped wells in this picture.

A history of this location can be found in Little Giant of Signal Hill, Chapter 27, "Drilling for Oil at the 19th Hole".

No Stuffing Box

A closeup of a pump.

Both Subsurface and Above Ground cylinders eliminate external crude oil leaks due to polished rod stuffing box leaks.

Innovative Design

A closeup view of HRPI innovative rod pump technology.

Our innovative "L" Tank design places hydraulic valving inside of the tank, eliminating most external hydraulic leaks.

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